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Solar Efficiency for the Future is a moderated platform of people and professionals dedicated to meeting the challenges of the world’s solar energy needs in a sustainable manner. At every Climate Change Conference that takes place, our editors, sponsors and content contributors hope for the conclusion of a strong agreement to transform the world for the better. They all are aware that courage is needed to address the climate crisis. Scientists, activists, policy makers, executives and entrepreneurs are invited to join the debate about regulation, dumping price debates, new technologies etc.

Our editors’ perspectives are as diverse as their backgrounds, but all of them share both a commitment to respectful discourse and an appetite for photovoltaic technology and energy. We know that consensus on the way forward can only be achieved if stakeholders from all sides of the solar and renewable energy and climate debate have a seat at the table. They share their expertise as well as their passion for problem solving by joining the community of Solar Efficiency for the Future.

If you want to take part in the discussion, we invite you to become a member of our community. If you’re interested in contributing content, click here for more information.

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