PV demand picking up

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While Germany is planning a new type of cap for subsidies, rising demand for modules made solar stocks gain the most in a month yesterday after Deutsche Bank AG said major Asian manufacturers are running at full capacity.

In fact, demand is expected to jump this year: China is poised to double its solar capacity for the second year in a row  and UK is targeting PV installations of 22 GW by 2020, more than 20 times the current level.

Specially these days that Feed In Tariffs are being cut all around, innovation remains key for module manufacturers to consolidate and to be competitive. In fact, some prices of Europe brand solar modules dropped 10-25% in recent months.

French producer Photowatt will be lucky to count on its Government support to try to return to profitability. Whether they will achieve their purpose  or not  will strongly depend on investments in reducing silicon usage per Watt through process improvements regarding  materials consumption and in product technology to improve the efficiency of their cells and modules. Apparently this is what lead Tier 1 Chinese manufacturers to success. More than ever, being a cost leader is a privilege that can’t be enjoyed by all competitors.

Source: Nuying Huang, Taipei; Jackie Chang, DIGITIMES

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One Comment to “PV demand picking up”

  1. Andreas Wagner says:

    Do you know if EdF will be finally acquiring Photowatt?
    I’ve heard bidders have been encouraged to submit their offers until February 10 and the Court of Commerce of Vienne has until February 21 to decide on the new owner…