Norbert Röttgen claims strength of environmental economy is a sign of success of environmental and energy policy

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German Federal Environment  Ministry published the 2011 report on the Environmental Economy. The report shows the increasing importance of the sector for the whole German economy and it confirms the role of Germany as a pioneer in this field. It says that today, much less resources, land and energy are used and fewer pollutants are emitted than ten years ago.

New calculations demonstrate a new record: There are now almost 2 million employees in the environmental economy. Federal Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen is convinced: “the transformation of our energy system will considerably accelerate this trend.”

Minister Röttgen stressed that the report is also proof of the shaping force of policy on the road to sustainable, resource-efficient economic activities and lifestyles: “The innovative strength of the environmental economy is also a sign of the success of environmental and energy policy.”

Renewable energies remain the driving force behind this dynamic development. Even during the global economic crisis, production of goods in this sector increased despite the general downward trend. According to a Roland Berger forecast, the global market for green energy technologies will almost quadruple by 2020, and for renewables such as photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, biogas and wind energy, annual worldwide growth rates in turnover of between 15 and over 30 percent are expected – a major opportunity for German companies.

This position was confirmed by Jochen Flasbarth, President of the Federal Environment Agency,: “The Report on the Environmental Economy proves that environmental protection in Germany is a huge success story for the economy. Without environmental protection as an economic driving force, Germany would have been much worse off throughout the crisis. […] Germany should therefore resolutely follow the path to a green economy for economic reasons, too. This is important because other countries such as China and South Korea have also recognised the opportunities environmental protection offers.”

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