The Impact of Restrictive Trade Measures on Global Climate

Nov 30th, 2011 | By | Category: Articles, Climate Impact

Affordable PV Products from China Benefit the Global Climate and Help Saving Greenhouse Gases whilst Reaching Environmental Objectives Worldwide

  •  A liberal international PV market is crucial to the cause of global environmental protection, as competitive prices ensure large-scale deployment globally of eco-friendly PV technology Made in China.
  • Higher PV products and panel prices would also incur both societal and environmental costs on a global scale due to crowding-out effects: Implicit and explicit losses would be triggered by the obvious necessity of replacing cost-efficient, eco-friendly and innovative Chinese PV products by environmentally less favourable and more expensive methods of power generation [such as nuclear power, coal and oil].

Cost-Efficient PV Products from China Contribute to Reduced Energy Consumption Which is Ever More Important in the Light of Spiking Oil and Energy Prices

  • Chinese PV products are playing an outstanding role in environmental protection: In the Solar Scorecard 2011 world ranking for PV manufacturer’s toxics coalition, several Chinese manufacturers were ranked in the top ten among all global PV manufacturers.
  • PV energy is a clean and safe energy that features zero emission and zero consumption, and therefore has immeasurable prospects of wide application. It has become an irreversible global trend to develop and utilize PV energy to serve the sustainable development of the world.
  • Should restrictive trade measures be introduced, replacement effects at the expense of cost-efficient PV products might cause higher consumption of alternative fossil energy – thus potentially contributing to increased price spikes of such energy sources.

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